Roofing repairs are of a high standard and help to maintain the integrity of one of your biggest investments in life – your home. Once roof repairs are completed, you then have the option to have your roof repainted.

Roof Painting/ Roof Coating

Reduce the costs of long-term maintenance by restoring your roof’s protective surface coating. This process protects again the onset of algae, most and lichen growth for up to three years.


No warranty will apply to roofs or roof coatings containing asbestos.

What is involved during the Roof Resurfacing and Recoating Process?

The process to apply Decragard roof coating to a chip coated tile roof is as follows:

  1. A roof cleaning treatment is applied over the entire roof to clean the tiles and kill any moss, lichen or algae
  2. Tiles are replaced; buckled tiles are repaired within 10mm of straight or better, and renailed as required
  3. The entire roof is water pressure cleaned, gutters are washed out.
  4. Rust treatments are applied as required
  5. Decragard Bituminous Primer roof coating is applied after the rust treatment and the entire roof area is rechipped
  6. Lastly, Decragard EC Topcoat is applied to evenly cover the newly textured tiles.

Colour Chart