Frequently asked questions:


How long will it take to restore my roof?

Our services are weather dependent and to ensure we provide you with the best service, we carefully monitor the weather on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. Typically, your roof can be completed within the week, however, in periods of rain, this may take a little longer.

How much will a quote for the resurfacing of my roof cost?

Quotations are FREE of charge.

How often will I need to moss kill my roof?

Resurfaced roofs require moss kills every two to three years. Moss kills are an inexpensive way to ensure your roof will continuously look and function at its best.

What colours can I choose from?

For a full selection of colours available to you, please refer to the Gallery page. There are 18 colours in total to choose from. Colour swatches are also brought along to the FREE no obligation roof inspection and quotation. These swatches are on tiles and provide a great insight into what the colour will actually look like on your roof, and with your house.

If I have a rainwater collection system on my roof, how many rainfalls should I wait before reconnecting the system?

It is best to stay disconnected for at least four good rainfalls (moderate to heavy rain that lasts for a minimum of two hours at a time) before it is reconnected.

What is involved during the Roof Resurfacing and Recoating Process?

The process to apply Decragard roof coating to a chip coated tile roof is as follows:

  1. A roof cleaning treatment is applied over the entire roof to clean the tiles and kill any moss, lichen or algae
  2. Tiles are replaced; buckled tiles are repaired within 10mm of straight or better, and renailed as required
  3. The entire roof is water pressure cleaned, gutters are washed out.
  4. Rust treatments are applied as required
  5. Decragard Bituminous Primer roof coating is applied after the rust treatment and the entire roof area is rechipped
  6. Lastly, Decragard EC Topcoat is applied to evenly cover the newly textured tiles.