About Decramastic Roof Coatings and Repairs Limited

In 1985, John Holland began his apprenticeship in painting in Wellington. Soon after, John Holland had the opportunity to learn how to resurface and recoat roofs. In 1992, John and his wife Liz moved to the Waikato to start up their own business in the restoration and maintenance of roofs as a Decragard Distributor.


Resurfacing your roof can have a large impact on both the value and quality of your home. Damage that goes overlooked can have serious consequences on the integrity of your roof and the value of your home. Because it is such an important decision, you will want to be sure you’re getting the right information and the best advice. You will want to feel confident you’re dealing with experienced people you can trust. As John has been recoating and repairing homes and roofs for over 25 years, you know that Decramastic Roof Coatings and Repairs Limited has the expertise and dedication to make sure your home and roof continues to look and function at its best.


Request your FREE no obligation quote today. All Gerard Decragard Recoats come with a 10 year warranty, so you will have absolute peace of mind which is supported by one of New Zealand’s most experienced and proven roofing companies.